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Your shipmate Jason has been banished to the realm of lost souls. Only the demon Baphomet has a chest which contains the map to find him. Navigate through the realms to find your mate Jason, before it is everlasting too late.

Controls are WSAD for movement, Z/Ctrl to attack, X/Space to use, Enter to pause, G to Switch Weapon. (Gamepad is supported, but to force keyboard control and disable gamepad support, press K key. Gamepad uses Dpad or Joystick for movement.)


Buy Now$9,999.00 USD or more

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baphyschest.zip 33 MB


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What are the controls to this? Cant seem to get to a new game.

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The controls are arrow keys or WSAD for movement, Z/Ctrl is B button X/Space is A button, G is Select/Switch Weapon and Enter is pause. Also it uses a gamepad so if the gamepad is plugged in the keyboard is disabled. The gamepad controls are Joystick/Dpad: Navigate, A: a button and B: b button, Select: switch weapon and Start: pause. To force switch to keyboard if the gamepad is plugged in, press K key.

oh ok! My pad is plugged in so i was confused why i couldn't use AWSD! thanks!

You are welcome. :)